About Us

How It All Started

When I started America's Best Roofing, I had two questions that needed answers. Firstly, how in the world are we going to grow into our name? Secondly, when can we start to give back to the community? After assembling top-tier roofing crews and an all- start support staff to keep them busy, the answer to both questions is: right away. What started with a borrowed truck and ladder, a $1500 credit limit, and a logo signifying hope, is now Arizona's most trusted roofing company out there. There aren't any secrets to our quick success beyond simply taking care of people; knowing that in doing so, they will take care of you. We are simply educators in the roofing industry. The service we provide is peace of mind.

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Our How

A leader in talent

Poor workmanship hails from the inability to communicate new solutions with your associates. The only way to deliver a high quality roofing repair, replacement, or restoration is by having the best roofers readily available to perform. We've created a safe haven for skilled roofing professionals in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona through continuous education and unrivaled compensation. Add to that, a rock-solid support staff dedicated to keeping our projects well-managed and clients well informed. Always. In turn we've created a family with a unified mission: to keep quality under control. Always.

Our Why

A voice to lend

Not all are fortunate enough to have the means to hire a roofing contractor in Central and Southern Arizona. We have made our efforts in community outreach a top priority. We have donated 5 new roofs to communities in Arizona in the last 3 years, with no plans of discontinuing our annual donations. We intend to keep giving back because we know that sometimes all it takes is one small break (like a new roof) to spark the turning of a new leaf.

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Meet the Team


Anthony Gonzalez

Director of Project Management


Armando Herrera

Project Superintendent


Jesus Armenta

General Manager / VP of Sales


Fernanda Soto

Business Development Coordinator


Rebecca Rodriguez

Director of Human Resources


Elizabeth Gonzalez

Co-Owner / CFO